Pathmark in Avenel, NJ

Pathmark after 2

Why oh why must the first review have to be a negatively disgusting one? Well, maybe it’s because of the content and circumstance of its target, Pathmark.

Rumors about Pathmarks, a big supermarket franchise on the N. East coast, has been circulating for some time now about its closing or being taken over by it’s parent company, A & P. What once hurt my heart, the thought of this long time supermarket closing, has officially completed a turn-about, a 360 turn due to disgust. While on line in the supermarket, a customer placed onions on the counter. The brown peeling fell off and crumbled when she tried to pick up the thinly sliced peeling. So, it was no wonder that when he dumped it and returned to get the rest, more might crumble in his hand, but it wasn’t the peel that was moving in his hand, it was a BIG, brown cock roach! Yesssssss! The teen was so disgusted he shook his hand and jumped back almost over to the other cashiers area. Customers jumped, there was screaming. All were grossed out. It took an older woman to kill it, grab a paper towel, pick it up and dump it.

If that isn’t enough, one of the customers was an ex-employee and said the state had been there and warned them to fumigate or they’d be closed. She worked in customer service and said the area behind customer service wasn’t foreign to seeing the crawling critters. The customers began to talk and they said that they’ve seen roaches many times in that Pathmark (in Avenel, NJ).

I don’t have to do much critical commentary in this review. I believe the content in this review itself gives enough details that it not only grosses you out, but gives a big picture of what’s lingering around Pathmark in Avenel, NJ.

Something Positive: The store is usually clean in appearance, stocked and sadly/ironically, has some of the best fried chicken in this land. Sad that they have that roach problem. Do yourself a favor, take that chicken recipe on the road if you do close down the Pathmarks. Until then, in the words of Eva, played Gabriel Union, in Deliver Us From Eva, “Clean it up!”

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