Doing Don’s Diner

dons diner2I have been going to Don’s Diner for 30+ years.  What I love about it is its resilience. I’ve seen it go through a few hands regarding owners. The latest owner has really blown me away with the buffet they’ve been offering for some years now. The buffet is filled with everything from fried chicken wings, BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, smothered chicken, oxtails, turkey wings. I think I may have even seen turkey chops. There’s corn on the cob, string beans, collard greens, cabbage, dressing, potato salad and yes there’s even more and did I forget the candied yams.

Outside of the buffet, the breakfast is very good and it’s very affordable. One of the things that I love is the fact that they have another menu, I guess we can call it a value menu. With the dinner you can get 3 turkey wings, two side orders of vegetables and cornbread, on the value menu you get two turkey wings with one side order and cornbread. They also have these monster sized salads that are filling and reasonable and yes you will take some home, so I suggest you only put dressing on a small portion at a time so it doesn’t get soggy.

Outside of the buffet I love the parmesan chicken dinner. When my son was younger I would buy it and he and I would split it. Two big pieces of chicken smothered under marinara with Parmesan cheese melted ALL across the top. And it comes with soup or salad and two vegetables. For about $14.99 this is really a great deal and a big meal that is really tasty.

Also I must make mention their regard for senior citizens. During the week, in the morning is Citizens Day, everyday of the week. It’s not stated but it’s in the mood, you see it in the waitresses and the workers. The seniors come in for breakfast without hesitation. I have seen a lot of seniors come there throughout the week and have breakfast and often just sit or walk back to wherever they live, and I’ve seen some walk out on the Main Street to stretch their legs and walk off the breakfast before getting in their cars and driving home. I have even seen some leave out after breakfast and walk to the bus stop. That’s just how worth having a meal at this Diner is, and it’s very family oriented.

I suggest everyone throughout the Essex County area and even throughout all the counties come on down to Don’s Diner. It is pretty good food with enjoyable prices and well worth the trip.

Don’t miss out on a great meal at Don’s Diner, Im Jus’ Sayin’


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