Fine at the Forge

I attended a 2nd wedding at the Forge on Rt 9 in Woodbridge, NJ and here is my review.

ForgeEntranceThe banquet hall itself is pretty, clean and mostly decorative. Honestly, it’s a decent hall to be off of Rt. 9. Parking was confusing and the nearby hotels didn’t lend to the halls beauty at all. Considering the beauty of the back and inside, the front entrance lacks luster. The front entrance is inviting with its marble floors and carpet. You immediately walk into a beautiful aura. The stair area that leads to the upstairs left little to be desired, it was nice but, I’m a flower girl, give me flowers. It was decorative but flowers would have made me want to go upstairs. I’ve been to halls that were so knockout gorgeous in flowers, they made me run up the stairs in loss of their beauty, swept away by the romanticism of it all. This stairway gave me a little of a dark feel, although, still gorgeous.

I was happy to see that the carpet was fresh. There is nothing worse than a venue with an old dingy carpet and I’ve found some venues are so beautiful, they think they can get away with a hook and a crook here and there. I think my biggest thing with the Forge was that I would have loved to see more flowers about. I’m guessing they were going for the subtle, beautiful design, however, when you think of a wedding, you think flowers along with frilly, pretty, girly things.

When you leave the reception area to go to the restroom there is a Victorian styled curtain that separates the rooms so the newly married couple can enter from behind the curtain. I didn’t like that, it lended itself to too much concern during the wedding parties entrance. Not sure if this was the customer’s request or their wedding planner’s. There was a doorway with a very short hallway to the right and I would have loved to see the party, followed by the bride and groom, enter from that space, just naturally entering with a peek that opens to a full view of the newly married couple. The curtain did nothing for me.

forge3Along with the beautiful bathroom decor, which isn’t always the best in banquest halls, but complimentary very complimentary and comfortable at the Forge, the reception area was gorgeous. The tables were really cute, chairs were covered in white, peach cloth napkins. The only thing I would change was the fake flowers on the tables. I would have rathered them fill the vase with those pretty rocks of different colors and a candle and flower petals or something like that. When women see flowers, we want to see real, live flowers and smell them and just take in the ambiance of these beautiful flowers in this beautiful room. Otherwise, the room was gorgeous, filled with mirrors, which I think was a beautiful touch especially because you get to see yourself dance on the dance floor and others across the hall. Right outside of the reception hall was a beautiful scenic space where the wedding was performed, which I thought was gorgeous

forge13529040_It was filled with a trail of flowers, plants and trees in a garden overlooking a big pond with a waterfall or sprout. It was very nice for the occasion.forge138_4466884662464323527_n

The Food at The Forge Inn:  Aside from the beef being a little tough, everything was tasty. Everyone enjoyed their entree of chicken and salmon. Between cocktail hour and the entre’ and those great dinner rolls, we were very much satisfied

Overall, I’d give Forge Banquet Hall a  4 Stars out of 5.


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