Wendy’s Wind Drift

So, there’s been talk about Wendy Williams and her opinion about NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges).

Wendy, in one of her recent shows made mention that she could see how some would be offended, hearing or learnig about the names of organizations such as NAACP and HBCU. Well since then, Roland Martin has gone in on Wendy, telling her to go read a book instead of gossip columns and he even went as far as telling her to shut the hell up. This, after giving her his take or some history about the organizations. He explained that NAACP was founded by both white and black members and some HBCU’s now have more white students than black, but they were historical black colleges and universities. It appears his point is that one would probably not be offended because the attendance is mixed among races and blacks in those colleges are the minority.

Wendy Williams on the other hand, may – may have not meant it the way that it sounds. It is NOT clear that she is saying there should be no NAACP or HBCU because she prefaced the comment with, “On the othe hand…,” which means she was playing devil’s advocate or showing how one might take it if they were white. That is not necessarily a declaration that there is no need or we should not have such organizations or universities attributed to being black. Wendy, being an educated woman, knows well the trials and tribulations of black people/colored/African Americans and thus the need for black organizations and colleges and their importance to blacks presently and in history. I’ve got to give her that much credit after following her over the years and having a little insight about her. Giving the benefit of doubt, she appears to have played devil’s advocate on the subject of Jessie Williams’ speech, where he calls for an uplift of blacks or African Americans. She even said prior that it, the speech, was appropriate, as it was given on BET, Black Entertainment Television. She further stated it would not have been appropriate at a white awards ceremony, however, considering the audience (in college communications and public speaking 101 states, ‘tailor to your audience’). This is just evidence or proofs I’m offering up that she was making a point or playing devil’s advocate of how folk could take it. Although I agree her comments should’ve ended there, about Jesse Williams, considering the backlash, I just don’t think she meant it in a way that charges Blacks or African Americans as hypocrits (having organizations, colleges but wanting equal justice…). I think she was just showing another side of the spectrum.

I know some people were angry, bothered, offended and so on by Wendy’s comment, such as Roland Martin. So, without judgement to either of them, I ask, “Do you think Roland Martin going in on Wendy is justified, a bit much, or necessary to inform or remind her of why we have these organizations and universities?” See video if you missed Roland and comment below.  Roland Martin Goes In

Andrea Clinton, Editor in ChiefReviewer


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