Something is really off with our sense of sensitivity toward kids. Most of us never agree with Disney always killing the characters parents such as in Bambi and other Tales, however cartoons and animation movies are getting quite disturbing. Children have to face unless of death in their life which parents have to explain as well as the cruel world. Why should they have to experience it in cartoons? Do we not create films to journey? Aren’t we trying to escape or get away from everyday life, even if only for a moment, woth out popcorn and movie candy?


I wanted to take my grandkids to the movies, however my grandson would freak out if he saw one of those heads roll off like I saw in the trailer of “Coco” and he spent much of the movie jumping on and off of my lap gripping my neck in fear. It’s happened already. The other presently in theaters is, “Ferdinand,” a this film is about the life of bulls on a bull farm.


a bull’s father is killed at a festive bull fighting event. The rest of them learn that if they are not strong and chosen for the bull gight where they usually die, they’ll end up in a slaughter house.  This, on top of them grow up watching their fathers generation die out. They spend their  lives in fear they’ll either get killed in the ring or go to the slaughter Warehouse.

Why is this good? Why are these cartoons today considered kids cartoons? Why do I have to choose between dead people whose head fall off or bulls whose parents are killed or butchered?

I will speculate that the writers are either vegan vegetarian or just hate what happens to animals and used animation to get in the minds of the youth to hopefully stop the slaughter and killing of animals. Being a writer myself and knowing how creative minds can be I know there was a better way to get this point across. There’s no way kids under that’s a 10 should see this film. What are they to walk away thinking and caring for the rest of their lives? And why should they have to? They are kids they should live a Carefree life Learning certain responsibilities but not about death, not like this.

Only Store Ferdinand and I would give it a 4.5 Stars because it was very good and entertaining, but I would not take anyone under 10 to see this film. I’d only suggest you take kids under 10 if your goal is to make them spend the next 10 to 15 years thinking about how wrong it is to kill and Slaughter animals and introduce them to dead people and those who believe in them…

Thats my 3cent. I’m Just Saying

Andrea Clinton

@Teaclinton13 on Instagram & Twitter; or,



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