Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Bremer frozen foods recalls 2 of it’s frozen sandwiches. The pepperoni & ham and cheese sandwiches.  The company says there may be plastic in the sandwiches.


Now, I do not eat pork at all, however, I am concerned about why plastic would have been near the ingredients where it could be wrapped in the sandwich. Considering reports have said there is a level of plastic in various noodles, such as Ramen and Nissen noodle products, I have become concerned about the misuse of plastic across the board. At what point in life do we need to add materials into our food & why?

There have been articles written about the use of plastic within processed foods and chemicals used in plastic straws and even bags we use to carry groceries.  I do not know what to make of this. Do you? Comment below.

What I can blog about regarding plastic though is my experience with plastic over the years. I have two experiences that stand out in my mind:

I once bought sandwich bags from Aldi’s store back in 1999. I packed my lunch and stuffed my sandwich into the plastic bag to prepare lunch for myself and my kids. During lunch time, at work, I take my sandwich out, I take a big bite of my sandwich, but before my teeth could fully sink into the sandwich, I immediately smell chemicals, and the plastic bag was nowhere near me. It was actually in the garbage pail, because I had every intention of finishing that sandwich. I spit out the bite of sandwich and sniffed the bread. The sandwich smelled like chemicals and I wondered and I was angry and I blamed Aldi instead of the manufacturing company. My apologies to Aldi. I went to the garbage pulled out the plastic and before I could get it close to my nose, I smelled it; it reeked of chemicals. I took it to my coworkers who said they’d never experienced an issue with smelling plastic, but they absolutely smelled it as well.  That was my wake up call to plastic bags and that was in 1999.

My next experience with plastic was last year, 2018. I had a taste for mashed potatoes and remembered I packed some in a plastic storage container about 4 days prior, and since the food in the back of my refrigerator seems to freeze I grabbed that plastic container with the mashed potatoes for dinner. NOT! When I opened the lid on the bowl, a smell burst out that immediately made me dizzy and my knees buckled from beneath me.  I was able to grasp consciousness and head toward the front door. My son was 4 to 5 ft away from me and the smell traveled to him and he took off behind me, coughing for air, and we both pushed forward to head outside the front door. There was that chemical smell again, however, it was as if it came back with a vengeance or to the 10th power.

I could not comprehend the mixture of the smell of mashed potatoes and plastic chemicals. Till this day, I do not understand what happened in that bowl while it was in the refrigerator. The most that I could think of is that the plastic is made or treated with a type of chemical that after sitting in the refrigerator with the mashed potatoes, in just a few short days in time, became lethal, even coming from the fridge. I’ve since tested mashed potato storage since then in a pot and in foil and did not get that smell.

So now, when manufacturing companies put plastic in our food, what does that mean?  What is happening with the plastic in our food when cooked, when cooled in our digestive system? Or in the freezer? How lethal is this plastic ordeal? And what chemical are they using to process the plastic? And what is it doing to our bodies? Cancer😢? What? 

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